Pump and maintenance alignment

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Keeping your pump system operating at its peak performance saves you on repairs and operating efficiency. Often times your equipment is in good shape but needs a tune up to ensure proper operation.

Pump Repair Services

  • Complete new pumps
  • Bearings and seal changes on site for all makes and models
  • Service for all makes and models of split case pumps, end suction, vertical turbines
  • Laser alignment service
  • Booster system repair (house pumps)
  • Free energy analysis
  • FLO-PAK after market rep
  • Synco Flo, VC Systems, Delta P Systems, Tiger flow
  • Fire pump repacks/Jockey pump – rebuild or replace

Pump Maintenance Solutions

Maintaining your equipment prevents timely and costly repairs. We offer custom maintenance plans to meet your needs. A typical annual pump maintenance program includes the following:

Check control panel wiring connections.

Drain bladder tank and check tank pre-charge. Leak checks all connections
Perform all items listed above.
Shut-down; drain each pump, clean PRV strainer.
If a problem is found, we will develop a repair quote and estimated completion time.

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