Automation for HVAC systems

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Implementation of electro-instrumental control systems and management for HVAC systems, design and supply of switchboards made according to customer specifications , with PC or PLC logic relay

The best techincal solution for managing processes and machines
We provide engineering services and finalized installation to the implementation of the electro-instrumental control systems and management for HVAC facilities. Our competence, starts from planning and supply of switchboards made in accordance with customer specifications, with PLC or PC logic relay, in any type of execution Standard or ATEX, coming to field engineering with the management of the instrumentation, power supplies and interface with management systems / supervision local or remote.

Our experience is able to contextualize the best technical solution to manage machines and processes to achieve the objectives desired by the customer, for example :

  • Maintenance of thermal performance and thermal hygrometric
  • Reducing the need for human intervention
  • Energy saving
  • Execution of repetitive operation or complex
  • Certainty of the operation
  • Facility safety
  • Report malfunctions or failures
  • Control of reaching the limits of work for scheduled maintenance
  • Remote control
  • Supervision systems SCADA/HMI
  • Single architecture, redundant and / or distributed

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