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HAWK SERVICES ( Human Activity Working Knowledge) is a private company born with the object to putting itself as an effective support in the services supply sector, carrying out at the start of small, medium and large E&I installations in any part of the world, through the supply of selected skilled and qualified staff, able to manage all the phases of the projects: Engineering, Construction, Mechanical Completion, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Start-up, Maintenance and Preservation


We provide qualified and specialized teams to give the best technical support and know-how, whatever is necessary to determine and propose solutions at any stage of the plants of our customers.


Our intention in the next few years is to become a point of reference and a partner that is a symbol of guarantee for all our clients looking for:
specialized knowledge, quality aligned to the needs,


We are convinced that the quality, health, safety and environmental protection must be an integral part of all our activities.
Our employees have a high technical competence , with a know-how constantly updated for safety.


The persons who compose our company boast a decennial experience in the sector. We are able to offer the technical, managerial knowledge and the know-how necessary to reach the best possible results. The staff , of whom our personnel is composed has been selected based on professionalism, versatility and high adaptability in the challenging environments and industrial cultures of our clients, competent to supply a complete service to satisfy all the requested demands. Our collaborators are the focus of our company, they are trained, motivated, and well rewarded , so as to be able to carry out their work in a serene and professional manner.

  • Reliability, clarity, transparency in dealings with customers
  • Long-time Partnership with each of our customers
  • Impeccable reputation and mutual trust with all our customers and collaborators
  • High professionalism of our staff verified in the long term
OIL & GAS on-shore
OIL & GAS off-shore
Power house
Industrial automation plant
Marine Engineering

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